I was moved by the level of spaciousness and presence I immediately felt sitting down with Adam.  He doesn't just want his clients to have a momentary experiences of release and relaxation,  he is genuinely interested how his time with his clients can facilitate their own life-long awakening, which is exactly what I felt.  Thank you Adam!

Omar Albundari

Adam goes beyond just Bodywork. He brought me to a place of real empowerment, giving me permission to be as big as I wanted to be. The zest for life that is flowing through my energetic veins is unprecedented. I couldn't recommend him more to anyone seeking an inner software upgrade.

Brian Vogelsang

Adam has been an incredible healer to work with. My experience with his bodywork has been potent. I have a partially fused lower lumbar, and I feel a freedom in my spine and body after working with him. On an energetical level I feel stored emotion being released and freed. Working with Adam has created deep change in my body and personal life. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Brian V.jpg


Adam is divinely guided in his practice. Each session was completely different and in line with what I needed. I feel like I have had a complete mental/physical/spiritual overhaul in my life, and working with Adam was a big part of that. I always left feeling calm and supported as well as energized and empowered. If I hadn't moved across the country I would continue to draw from Adam's magic, and I am beyond grateful to have met him on my journey.


Adam's work offered me the deep release and realignment my body needed on a physical and emotional level. My whole being feels more open, relaxed and fluid. Not only does Adam bring extensive training and skill, but he brings immense heart and compassion. It is a special experience to work with someone as present and caring as he is.


I run a very full schedule, owning and operating my own business that includes a lot of movement, client interaction and physical training.  I need to continuously operate at a very high level physically, emotionally, and mentally.  Adam is deftly able to integrate stress release and healing on both physical and mental levels, guiding your tensions to unwind in a safe, professional and warm environment.  Your body deserves this kind of royal treatment.



I've had a bunch of massages, rolfing, all sorts of bodywork.  But, I've never had bodywork that left me with something in a way that I am able to bring it into my everyday life.  In many ways, Adam brought to my focus something that is so fundamental to just living and thriving; listening to my body.  The way he brings together everything he's learned over the years and helps me make sense of it all, in a totally accessible, practical way is pretty frickin' magical.


If you're questioning whether this is for you, just take the leap and go! You can sense upon entering a space with Adam that he has this wonderful energy that allows for you to be yourself during the sessions. I don't ever feel judged. He knows how to help me to center myself in a way that therapists I've worked with in the past could only touch upon. I had no idea the transformation that I would go through with only a few sessions with Adam. He continues to help me to repair my system and realize my full potential as a confident young woman and I am forever grateful.


Adam's work is intensely evolutionary. Since I've started my sessions with him, my body has experienced new energy and degrees of motion than before. The work is grounding as well as inviting you to explore new strategies in dealing with the stresses of life while remaining centered when things, especially old things, try to pull you off kilter. Highly recommended.  


Building a relationship with Adam over the past six months has reshaped my relationship with my body and mind.  Adam brings an amazing multi-modal approach to bodywork that is grounded in his deep commitment to awakening.  He works at a very deep level to uncover holding patterns and release tension.  He is a healer in the truest sense of the word-providing support and guidance for natural alignment and thriving.  Working with him is truly transformative. It has changed my life.